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John CastagniniCEO and Founder of ThankGodi.com | Author | Keynote Speaker

As seen on ABC-TV, The Huffington Post, and in the Hollywood feature Discover The Gift with his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I believe that all human beings hold within them the potential for greatness, a unique genius, an inspired purpose that they came here to discover, develop and share with the world.

As life passes by, as challenges enter our lives, living our soul-ful purpose can become obscured, sometimes so deeply hidden that our mission may feel forgotten… it may even appear impossible to find.

How can we break through our protective walls?

Our emotional patterns can reveal great insight. If you look deeply enough, no matter what your circumstance, your inspired mission  awaits you. By appreciating and balancing your emotional patterns, you can transcend your habits, expand your consciousness and master your destiny.

There are very specific tools that can help you accomplish this.

My life is dedicated to providing premier information, education, and entertainment aimed at deepening our appreciation of ourselves and others and, ultimately, liberating each person’s unique genius and bringing us into the amazing grace of presence.

I look forward to an amazing journey into The Now together.

~ John Castagnini

John’s is a leading expert in sharing the skill of Equilibration™, a tool for balance perceptions and transcending emotional patterns. From best-selling authors to professional athletes, from world-class artists to top business experts, John advises people throughout the world on how to overcome personal barriers and achieve amazing lives.

As Founder and CEO of ThankGodi, John oversees the publishing and publicity of hundreds of inspired messengers worldwide, including multiple N.Y Times best-selling authors like Dr. Bernie Seigel, Janet Atwood and Dr. John Demartini.

ThankGodi is a premier consciousness development channel that has been cited as the “future for business intelligence” (Wiley), featured in national media, including ABC-TV and The Huffington Post, and endorsed by both creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul. ThankGodi ‘s signature Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation ranked #1 on Amazon.

John has recently co-authored with NY. Yankee legend Jim Leyritz The Seven Steps to World Class Achievement, for release in 2016. John has also co-authored Healing Depression Through Harmonic Equilibration with classical violinist Ava Rahman, for release in 2016. .